Classic Indonesian Psych & Funk Mix by SunDee

Classic Indonesian Psych & Funk Mix by SunDee (33:04 minutes)

1. Benjamin Sueb – Koboy Ngungsi
2. Madesya – Sendiri
3. Broery Marantika – Di Alam Lepas
4. Benjamin Sueb – Mama Minta Makan Ma
5. Margie Segers – Sifat Manusia
6. Daddy Dores & Jackson Band – Ganja
7. Elvy Sukaesih – Asooi Sampai Pagi
8. Ira Maya Sopha – Buah Manggis
9. Two Faces – Sendiri
10. Philosophy Gang – Don’t Talk About Freedom

SunDee aka Sandi Kalifadani was born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Sandi is a musician, records collector and artist who persistently experiments on numerous media. His background is industrial engineering and he has a keen interest in sound processing, sound therapy, soundscape, instrument building, music video and collaboration between science and art. He initiated Folk Afternoon and Walk The Folk, participatory music projects which bring together people from different backgrounds in the spirit of exchange and eliminate the boundary between stage and audience. He is also a member of Gemati, a project that addresses the issue of Javanese sociocultural phenomenon using various medium of sound experiments, poetry and visual art. Currently he also works as a yoga teacher.

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