Join us for a night when music is championed. Bring your music collection, play one or two and share the stories behind it. What is your most prized record? Why you love records? How does music make you feel? No story too taboo for us, drop the needle and spin those sweet sugar stories.

– SPIN SUGAR | Play Vinyl + Share Story


SPIN SUGAR | Play Vinyl + Share Story adalah perhelatan kreatif berbasis komunitas yang merayakan kecintaan terhadap musik, khususnya dalam format rilisan fisik seperti piringan hitam, CD dan kaset.

SPIN SUGAR | Play Vinyl + Share Story is a community based creative event celebrating the love for music, especially physical releases of vinyl, CD and cassette.

Selain memberi ruang bagi penggemar, pecinta dan kolektor rilisan fisik untuk memutar sekaligus berbagi pengetahuan seputar koleksi musik di hadapan publik, SPIN SUGAR juga adalah ajang pertukaran, penjualan dan pembelian rilisan fisik.

Aside from being a platform for physical release fans, lovers and collectors alike to play their collection and share crate digging experiences in front of an audience, SPIN SUGAR is also a gathering for the exchange, sale and purchase of music.

SPIN SUGAR | Ridwan Rudianto – Andhika Gautama – Marlowe Bandem

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September 29, 2019

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Music in physical releases have been thriving in Bali, and is here to stay. From Cassette Store Day to Record Store Day, Bali continues to host various music events directly connected to the revival of record vinyls and all. One importan...

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